Africa is awash with plants that are marvels of nature, and Nilotica is one of those wonder plants. Lxmi, a luxury skincare brand founded by Leila Janah, is the only company to turn Nilotica into a wonderful luxe line of skincare. Lxmi exclusively formulates its line with USDA-certified-organic Nilotica Reserve™ — the best quality Ugandan Nilotica, a rare relative of shea.

Lxmi partnered with renowned maker of Dutch Wax prints, Vlisco, on the unique “Fleurs de Mariage” design on Lxmi’s Pure Nilotica Melt and Deep Hydration Mask packaging. Vlisco is a leading maker of luxury textiles primarily for the sub-Saharan African market.

The Details

Passionate about equality and creating opportunities for the under privileged, Lxmi’s mission is to end poverty via sustainable job creation and ethical business practices. Despite its superiority, Nilotica is underutilized in the cosmetic market due to sourcing challenges and costs. Lxmi’s Nilotica Reserve™ has essential fatty acids, enhanced vitamin, nutrient potency, and a luxurious texture. It is harvested seasonally from 20-year old trees, only at the source of the Nile. The collection ranges from the star of the line, Crème du Nil, to Pure Nilotica Melt, Nilotica Goddess Glow highlighter, Nilotica Lip Melt, the luxe copper wand, and Nilotica Deep Hydration Sheet Mask.

La critique

Every aspect of this line is exquisite. Its packaging is stunning, the products pots are unique and beautifully designed – the products are rich, stupendous and deliver superb hydration and skin as smooth as silk. Without a doubt this is a wonderful line of luxury skincare that’s as bountiful and beneficial as its motherland. The Soirée team are pleased to recommend the Lxmi collection. SM