The latest beauty trend is clean, natural beauty products – this includes everything from elixirs, makeup to skincare and supplements. One of the brands that is steadfast to this mantra is Pharmacopia. For over 20 years, the brand has been vegan, cruelty-free and “better for you beauty.”

The Details  

Pharmacopia’s newest products include an invigorating and nourishing body moisturizer that hydrates and protects skin with natural and organic plant ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba, aloe and chamomile. It leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. The citrus body bar and shampoo are infused with energizing essences of orange, bergamot and grapefruit – a great sensory stimulator.

La critique

Pharmacopia is a lovely, wonderfully scented brand that puts the health and well-being of its clients first, in addition to embracing all-natural wholesome ingredients. The Soirée team was delighted to have discover this great skincare brand. SM