Sol de Janeiro’s Coco Cabana Collection is infused with the scent of tropical coconut that has been slowly toasted over a wood fire on the beach – it will envelop you in coconut bliss.

The Details

The collection is comprised of Coco Cabana Cream and Coco Cabana Mist, both captures the essence of Cheirosa with notes of coconut cream, tropical orchid and toasted praline. Featuring endless hydration to treat and transform even the driest, most dehydrated skin, Coco Cabana Cream is amazingly smooth and deeply moisturizing. Coco Cabana Mist epitomizes the ideology of Cheiosa, smelling incredibly delicious from sunrise to sunset, which is a part of Brazilian every day life and one of the allure of its women.

La critique

Sol de Janeiro’s richly fragranced collection of superb skin and hair care products captures the essence of Brazil and delivers spectacular scent that elevates the soul and hydrates the skin. This brand is a gem that’s a must-have for women who love heavenly luxurious scents. SM