The amazing view from Hotel Chocolat in St. Lucia.

The magnificent Caribbean has a plethora of unique and breathtaking islands, and one of the most stunning is St. Lucia. Known the world over for its picturesque Piton Mountains and rich culture, St. Lucia is home to the historic and heavenly Hotel Chocolat Boucan.

Nestled among the cocoa groves of the organic Rabot Estate plantation is Hotel Chocolat Boucan – this awe-inspiring property offers splendid vistas of the Piton Mountains and the pristine Caribbean Sea. Aptly located 1,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea, the hotel’s décor is inspired by the luxurious plantations of yesteryear.

Dating back to 1745, Hotel Chocolat Boucan is a place where refined style meets the beauty of nature and, of course, chocolate. For adventurous gastronomes and chocolate lovers, the restaurant at Hotel Chocolat Boucan serves innovative cacao-infused cuisine that features the bean as a subtle spice. It’s like heaven on earth.

The property has six deluxe lodges as well as eight uber luxury lodges with a strong décor “thread” that marries its contemporary style with traditional West Indian charm. The lodges are perfectly positioned to catch the cooling, soothing tropical breezes that waft across the 140-acre estate.

Hotel Chocolat Boucan offers amazing views from the infinity pool at Club Boucan as well as many ways to unwind such as a massage in the rainforest spa. Outdoors enthusiasts can explore the island or stay closer to “home” by enjoying strolls through the cocoa groves or treks to the summit of the majestic Gros Piton Mountains. If more adventure beckons, a day trip to the volcano and sulphur springs is the perfect opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of St.Lucia. 

The connection between the island and chocolate is exemplified via Hotel Chocolat’s Engaged Ethics program. The ingenious program has regenerated cocoa-growing on Saint Lucia and created a sustainable market that gives local cocoa growers a secure income as well as the confidence to invest in their farms for the future. SM

Photos Courtesy of Hotel Chocolat Boucan