Built on traditional Japanese herbology and the antioxidant properties of olive oil, DHC is one of Japan’s top health and beauty brands. DHC is dedicated to its core Japanese values of offering premium antioxidant skincare and advocating for education.

The Details

DHC’s entire line was founded on the brilliant health benefits of its first product: Virgin Olive oil. It’s sourced from organic Spanish olives that are handpicked when they are most rich in nutrients. This brand’s collection of beauty elixirs range from cleaners, exfoliates and serums to rich moisturizers. For centuries Japanese women have indulged in a cleansing beauty ritual with strong, but, gentle cleansing oil. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil follows this tradition without stripping the skin of its moisture and luster.

La critique

DHC’s fabulous collection of lovely skin care is high-quality and rich in benefits for the skin. The deep cleansing oil is simply wonderful, it removes makeup brilliantly and leaves your skin hydrated and smooth as a baby’s bottom. It’s a must-have for makeup aficionados. SM