Once chic in the 1800-1900s, bourgeois boxes have returned to their former glory. Today, there are luxe boxes filled with every conceivable coveted product. From high-end beauty and jewelry brands such as Emma & Chloe, Scentbird to delectable wines from Winc, Vine Oh! and fantastic essential oils by Simply Earth, there is a slush box for everything under-the-sun. Here’s our favorites.

Filled with oils from the gods, Simply Earth is far beyond the normal plethora of essential oils. This lovely aromatic and richly bountiful box of the earth’s purest and most aromatherapy oils and flora, is the apex of relaxation and wellness.

The Details

Simply Earth essential oil box has everything you need to make your home aromatic, your skin soft and healthy. In addition to delivering high quality products that work, Simply Earth is lots of fun for the entire family. Its recipe cards enables you to enjoy time with friends and family making great essential oil recipes for seasonal gifts or everyday use.

La Critique

Simply Earth’s is an essential oils’ enthusiast secret garden of bliss. The oils are of the highest quality and delivers mounds of fragrance that permeates your home, while drenching the skin with endless ebbs of moisture and benefits. Undoubtedly, an excellent box to order.