Inspired by the picture perfect vistas, flora and scrumptious pastries of Paris, Sweet Fleur’s Founder, Monica Michelle Manley has created an artisan Parisienne-style company in Colorado. Sweet Fleur is a high-end gastronomic confectioner that infuses pristine ingredients, such as the finest edible flowers, into the art of Parisienne-Style pâtisserie.

The Details
Sweet Fleur’s handmade bake goods and desserts are 100% vegan and incorporate only the finest flowers and herbs – undoubtedly true decadence matched by beauty. Staying earnest to her passion for conservation, Monica donates a part of the proceeds of each sale to wildlife conservation centers in Colorado.

The “star” of Sweet Fleur’s confections is the lavender banana bread. It features fresh lavender, succulent bananas, and a rich array of spices – it’s a little bit of heaven on earth. Other offerings include delicious chocolate flower bons, stunningly beautiful flower moon cookies, and lovely specialty cakes.

La critique
Sweet Fleur’s confections are both beautiful and delectable. The Soirée team was delighted to savor the purely gorgeous flavors of Sweet Fleur’s plethora of gourmet treasures. Sweet Fleur is one of the confectioners that Soirée highly recommends to its brides and jet-setters. We are in love with this Parisienne-inspired house of gastronomic perfection. SM