Surrounded by spectacular vines of aromatic fruit and wedded bliss, the elegant nuptial of Ivana & Christopher captured the essence of nature and love.

“The wine of love is music, and the feast of love is song: And when love sits down to the banquet, love sits long. It sits long and ariseth drunken, but not with the feast and the wine; he reeleth with his own heart, that great rich vine.” – James Thomson

Ivana & Christopher

8 September, 2018

Centennial Vineyards, Australia

Nuptial Details

Cupid, the cherub of love, connected the hearts of Ivana and Christopher in the awe-inspiring continent of Australia. With a theme of simple, timeless elegance, their wedding’s look and feel came alive with the lovely floral décor of The Event Styler.

Their beautiful “naked cake” by Sassy Sprinkles Cakery, was a lovely compliment to the overall theme of the wedding. Jessica El Jay Hair ensured that the bride’s brunette locks were coiffed to perfection, to complete her flawless look, Make-up by Omilia enhanced her already immaculate skin.

The producer of some of the best estate-grown sparkling Pinot Chardonnay, Centennial Vineyards is a heavenly venue for organic elegant weddings. SM

Photos courtesy of Azure Sky – Photo Art Studio