Inspired to achieve perfect harmony between ancient Japanese beauty rituals and cutting-edge technology, NatureLab Tokyo, (the leading Japanese beauty titan), has created a curated haircare line that is steadfast to the mantra that healthy hair starts at the scalp. Founder Rosa Tagaki’s team of brilliant scientists and cosmetic chemists have harnessed botanical technology to unlock active, nutrient-rich plant stem cells that are proven to repair and maintain scalp health, while improving and promoting the strength as well as the growth of hair at the cellular level.

The Details

NatureLab Tokyo’s superb collection of haircare covers every hair type – from straight to beautiful wild curls. This line is free of parabens, sulfates, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free. NatureLab Tokyo has elixirs to smooth hard-to-manage frizzy hair, add volume to flat tresses, and repair bleach damaged strands. One of its bestsellers is the Perfect Smooth line of products which is made from fragrant Japanese Yuzu ceramide and exotic essential oils – it gently cleans and tames unruly hair.

La critique

The Soirée team was very impressed by the quality, fragrance and performance of NatureLab Tokyo’s Perfect Smooth line. It’s an excellent range of products for ladies with gorgeous, but, unruly tresses that just want to go wild and free. Perfect Smooth infuses your hair with aromatic Japanese Yuzu, leaving it as soft as cotton and most importantly, as it tames those crazy, wild curls. This line is a new favorite of the Soirée team – we are in love! SM