There is popcorn and then there’s Maddy & Maize. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Maddy & Maize creates gourmet popcorn that’s the apex of maize delights. Each one of its batches of popcorn is made in small quantities to ensure quality.

The Details
A favorite of the Oscar’s, Maddy & Maize’s scrumptious collection of delicious popcorn ranges from seasonal treats such as apple pie a la mode, pumpkin spice, vanilla bean latte, to its mainstays such as birthday cake, bourbon barbecue, dark chocolaty caramel, and raspberry lemonade. Maddy & Maize’s popcorn is non-GMO and gluten-free. There’s also no dyes or weird artificial additives – flavors and colors are derived from organic fruit and vegetable extracts.

La critique
We have tried all types of popcorn – everything from movie theater popcorn to gourmet popcorn sold in New York’s Penn Station, but none can compare with the sheer deliciousness of Maddy & Maize popcorn. These kernels of bliss are simply amazing. The Soirée team is absolutely crazy about Maddy & Maize’s popcorn. Without a second thought, we highly recommend this wonderful brand – it’s pure pleasure for the palate. SM