Photos courtesy of The Key Patisserie

The traditional approach to serving dessert at weddings has been transformed into an extraordinary and exquisite display of art and hyper creativity. Gone are the days of just the humble wedding cake and the groom’s cake. Instead of having a multi-tiered wedding cake, 21st century couples are taking the concept of dessert to a new level – dessert bars with colorful bite size treats with unexpected details, artisanal elegance is a current must-have for every wedding.

Gifted with immense talent and attention to detail, Dmitry Shurygin, owner of The Key Patisserie, says in order to create the perfect dessert bar the right balance between creativity, color and flavor profiles must be achieved. “I look for inspiration everywhere –  nature, buildings, journeys, people, trends, fashion, and the arts. I always seek to give a dessert bar a meaning and theme, not just a collection of sweets on a wedding table,” adds Dmitry.

The most eye-catching element of a dessert bar is a chocolate centerpiece that reflects the overall wedding theme. One that is created by master chocolatiers who use only the finest Belgian and French chocolate – it gives a truly unique approach and luxurious touch.

The Key Patisserie signature is to add playful elements to confectionary delights such as a classic French macaron by adding strawberry ganache infused with champagne which transforms the normal into a simply scrumptious work of art. 

Another way to jazz-up an ordinary dessert bar is to include treats that are made into out-of-the-box shapes such as crimson lips, and fragrant roses. Unique and interesting flavors like passion fruit and yuzu, rich Tahitian vanilla and bergamot ganache will also impress and please the palate of wedding guests.

Creativity is the key to creating a dessert bar that is truly unique and a culinary masterpiece. In the pursuit of perfection, The Key Patisserie has created an unusual and delicious dessert in a cup by applying modern molecular gastronomy to the classic French mousse. The innovation does not stop there, how about smooth dark chocolate mousse infused with raspberry caviar – an ingenious mix of the unexpected and sublime.

Wedding Cake Trends

  • One of the latest trends for wedding cakes is modest, yet, elegant and stylish.
  • Cakes with clean lines, contemporary design and intricate detail.
  • Cake should aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, they should be a gourmand.
  • Seving different desserts that will complement the main wedding cake. These desserts will mirror the flavors of the wedding cake. SM