Our pets are one of the most precious gifts from heaven. Created with love, Bar Dog, (a unique custom wine label company), is an amazing way to memorialize a beloved pet or celebrate its milestones.

For this year’s Summer Bliss List, Bar Dog curated a one-of-a kind wine selection and keepsake wine label for our Publisher’s precious little baby, Perla, (a Chihuahua-Terrier mix who acted more like a little girl than a dog – she transitioned in 2011 to the loving arms of God’s infinite love).

Our little “lady” Perla.

Bar Dog’s labels are lovely, however , the wine is also brilliant. Whether its luscious Cabernet Sauvignon featuring a polished and silky in texture and gorgeous blueberry aromas combine with ripe plum or straw colored Chardonnay with rich and creamy flavors of baked apple with notes of baking spice and vanilla – the wines are an aficionados dream. Create timeless memories with Bar Dog at www.bardogwine.com