Crazy Rumors mouthwatering organic lip balms are the perfect blend of clean vegan/plant based and mostly organic ingredients. Flavors are sourced from real food grade ingredients including plants, fruits and vegetables. Crazy Rumors never uses synthetic flavors, GMO’s, parabens or gluten. Started by Brooklynites Edie and Brian Himmel, they started experimenting with delish flavored lip balms back in 2003 with one goal in mind: combining wholesome, high quality ingredients with creative, intriguing and super cool flavors.

The Details

Crazy Rumors uses only the purest organic ingredients for its lip balm collection. Filled with the best that nature has to offer, such as organic Shea Butter, Macadamia seed oil, and Jojoba oil, to name just a few of the wonderfully good ingredients. Crazy Rumors range of lip balms include its seasonal collection, such as the harvest mix, luscious colored balms, and the adventurous mix that features flavors such as ginger ale.

La critique

There are tons of lip balm on the market, but Crazy Rumors is head and shoulders above the others. This brand is simply unique, an authentic organic lip care that leaves your lips wrapped in a sea of hydration and wonderful natural ingredients. We are in love with Crazy Rumors. SM