“Dubbed the Father of liquid L-Ascorbic Acid” by the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Mostafa Omar recently created the latest in accelerated formulas designed to deliver the fastest results for our biggest skin concerns. Dr. Mostafa Omar, Phyto-C Founder and a renowned research scientist and natural product chemist, has now created four super formulas to achieve your greatest skin goals. Enter the Hyper Collection.

The Details
In development for four years, Hyper relies on a new technology, H2A2, which stands for Hyper Absorbing Hyaluronic Acid. H2A2 technology produces the smallest molecules of hyaluronic acid, so skin can easily absorb it. To achieve this Phyto-C sheers down the hyaluronic acid in two separate stages of manufacturing, a meticulous process that takes two full days and can only be completed by using the latest technology from Phyto-C Skin Care.

Developed exclusively to deliver visible results immediately, H2A2 is key to the Hyper Collection’s extreme efficacy. The four-piece collection offers hyper-precise formulas that target top specific skin concerns. Created in small batches with the latest technology and natural ingredients, you will see results in the blink of an eye. The collection includes: Hyper-C, Hyper-Hydrate, Hyper-White, and Hyper-Lift. As the ultimate gift for your skin and in time for the upcoming holiday season, the Hyper Time Capsule will be unveiled shortly.

La critique
The new Hyper Collection by Phyto-C is perfection and the holy grail of beauty in four well-designed bottles. The upcoming Hyper Time Capsule is the perfect splurge for women who want to roll back the aging clock. SM