Launched in 2014 by Monique Rodríguez with an emphasis on incorporating organic ingredients as its root-to-results, Mielle Organics is an organic haircare company that has risen the bar in haircare. Today, Miele Organics is a global and viral sensation that’s available in over 87 countries around the world.

The Details

Mielle Organics is armed with a vast collection of haircare such as Babassu oil and mint deep conditioning protein/moisture replenisher, detangling co-wash, moisturizing avocado hair milk, adult healthy hair formula and the white peony leave-in conditioner. Miele Organics also offers vitamins to strengthen hair and skincare such as pomegranate & honey revitalizing face serum and pomegranate & honey hydrating face mask.

La critique

This is a wonderful luxe brand that’s packed with fabulous organic ingredients that are beneficial for the hair and skin. The products are absolutely superb – from the packaging, the lovely fragrance, to the overall performance, Mielle Organics is a paragon of excellence. SM