Laqa & Co. is a New York-based cosmetic brand that is about more than just beauty. It offers über convenience and quality as its standard, each of Laqa & Co. formulas are brilliant for the skin. Laqa & Co. was born from a void in the makeup industry that it’s founders identified. With Laqa & Co., women no longer have to settle for the ordinary.

The Details

Laqa & Co. makeup collection includes Avo Lip butters that boasts a creamy whipped formula infused with avocado oil, a superfood ingredient that contains peptides to boost collagen production and heal dry or cracked lips. Another must-have is its glossed up lip glosses – they create a super intriguing and sexy look you crave with the cushiony pillowy feel you have always wanted in a gloss. As the icing-on-the-cake, the lip lube is the perfect lightweight lip topper. Laqa & Co. long-lasting, color-stay formula will ensure your lips stay lustrous, no matter what time of day.

La critique

Laqa Co. is a lovely, well-presented line that has a wonderful array of essential makeup. This collection is definitely a go-to for makeup aficionados – the Soirée team was pleasantly surprised with its delivery and performance. SM