Nicki Lynn Jewelry is a trendsetting online emporium that offers unique one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry that’s made with passion and mounds of love. For 10 years the founder, Nicki, has been creating amazing “gems” in her Wilmington, NC studio. No matter the occasion, Nicki Lynn Jewelry has the right piece of jewelry to complete your attire.

The Details
Nicki Lynn Jewelry ranges from the romantic Victorian collection that features a spectacular Swarovski Pearl and copper flower necklace, to gorgeous bridal jewelry made with flawless pearls and lovely men’s jewelry such as historic pirate coin medallions. One of the “stars” of the patina collection is the chic Aqua Patina Chandelier leaf earrings – a perfect compliment to your bohemian look. For those who desire a jewelry piece that is made-just-for-them, Nicki Lynn Jewelry offers a commission service to achieve their aspiration.

La critique
Gifted with God-given talent, Nicki creates out-of-this-world artisan jewelry that will be heirlooms for generations. The Soirée team were delighted to unbox a truly beautiful pair of Swarovski crystal and pearl dangle earrings and the matching necklace – we highly recommend Nicki Lynn Jewelry to our brides. The talent and creativity of Nicki is boundless and infinitely superb. SM