Joviality and sassy fun is the theme of the lovely Hot Mess Win box. From the moment you open this charmingly fun box, a smile, then a merry laugh will follow. This is a wonderful box that will not disappoint and laughter is a guaranteed. Especially in the challenging times we are now experiencing, laughter and fun is an essential requirement and the Hot Mess Win box fits the bill.

Nestled in this fun-filled box is delicious cheesy popcorn, delightful taffy, little salty bitch sugar scrub, (smile), a sassy named candle, the saucy, funny and somewhat naughty tumbler, a lovely “venting” desk sign and a cotton canvas tote.

Hot Mess Win is a wonderful quarterly subscription, the next launch is in January, 2021, however, for Christmas 2021, pre-paid subscribers will receive a custom-made ornament, a tote bag and a merry card. The Soirée Team simply loves this box, it’s a must-have for lovers of saucy, humorous goodies. Give the gift of smiles and laughter with the Hot Mess Win Box, $239.96 per year –