Excellent makeup will enhance your natural beauty and not cause any major upset to the skin. However, makeup has historically been the opposite, many brands use a concoction of semi-natural and toxic ingredients to optimize their products performance, which is disastrous for our bodies.

Inner Beauty is a breath of fresh air to the beauty industry, this brand is dedicated to creating beauty products that encourage good health and beauty from the outside in. At the heart of each Inner Beauty product is a natural formula based on botanical ingredients carefully selected for performance, health and safety. Developed with a Naturopathic Doctor, the brand’s philosophy was inspired by the naturopathic principles – do no harm and the healing power of nature.

Made in small batches in Italy, Inner Beauty products are made with love and a cornucopia of nature’s flora. It’s formulas were developed for sensitive bodies such as women who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or nursing. Inner Beauty’s collection is also safe for those with autoimmune diseases, cancer as well as cancer survivors. The collection’s three bestsellers include a unique Coco Balm Crème Blush, Sugar Coated Mascara and the super hydrating Shine Infusion Lip Oil.

At the heart of Inner Beauty’s core is the commitment to using natural ingredients that bestows the skin and inner body with an ‘ocean’ of organic goodness. The plant-derived oil, botanical essence and floral water used in its formulas are carefully chosen to ensure that they are highly beneficial and nourishing to the skin without harming sensitive bodies and the planet. Inner Beauty Coco Balm Crème Blush, $22, Inner Beauty Sugar Coated Mascara, $24, Inner Beauty Shine Infusion Lip Oil, $22 – www.innerbeautycosmetics.com