Perfume is a window into a woman’s moods and personality. For thousands of years it has been used to seduce, captivate and intoxicate one’s love interest with wild sexual desire. It has and continues to be synonymous with femininity, love and eroticism.

Ancient perfume jars.

Historically, perfume was worn by ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Romans – it has also been discovered in Mesopotamia and the Persian Empire. Perfume was used for hygiene, cleanliness as well as a part of ceremonially rituals. It was also a symbol of nobility and the elites – due to its exorbitant cost it was an unattainable commodity for the lower classes throughout history.

The magnificence and conspicuous consumption grandeur of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

In the 17th century, the court of Louis XV at Versailles used it like water, perfume was ubiquitous in the bosoms of ladies as well as some men. It was predominantly used to ward off the permeating stench of not bathing on a daily basis. At the time, water was thought to be a dangerous element as the rhetoric of the day was that it would open one’s pores and make the person gravely ill. Water in the 17th century was not drinkable, hence, why wine became the daily drink throughout France and much of Europe.

I have always loved floral scents from famous perfume houses such as Creed, Guerlain, Chanel and Tiffany, however, much of the “labyrinth of fragrances on the market today are mainly synthetic and are far removed from the true art of authentic perfume creation. Well, when I discovered Heretic Parfum, my concept of clean scents and taste in perfume completely changed. One year later, I am an aficionado of natural, clean perfumes – I have undoubtedly “divorced” the mass production synthetic perfumes.

The latest addition to Heretic Parfum’s collection, naughty Dirty Grapefruit – its far from ordinary.

Heretic Parfum is now my absolutely must-have, go-to brand, I simply adore it. With that said, the one scent that has won my heart is Scandalwood – it’s the queen of the Heretic Parfum collection. It’s a scent that is only, truly understood by wearing it – it’s the most exquisitely sensual and erotic scent that I have ever smelt – its seduction, sex and luxury in a bottle. Scandalwood without a doubt an aphrodisiac for both sexes.

My new love, sensual Scandalwood.
The sexy allure of Scandalwood, its so bad!

Scandalwood fuses with your pheromones and transcends one’s allure and chemistry to a new level of ecstasy. It’s hot, sexy and endless – this scent is dipping with forbidden nectar and succulent mounds of erotic gratification. A true 50 Shades of Gray elixir: Need I say more? Smile.

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