After decades of wearing, lovely, but, dreadfully toxic designer perfumes, two years ago, I converted to being a devotee of clean, gorgeous scents. The brand that ushered in my fragrance epiphany was Heretic Parfum, namely its signature scent Scandalwood – to date its my favorite perfume. Scandalwood is the most exquisitely sensual and erotic scent that I have ever smelt – pure seduction, sex and luxury in a bottle.

For my birthday collection this year, Heretic Parfum bestowed me with two exquisite gifts, the currently unreleased Dirty Mango candle and Dirty Coconut – the perfect little “dirty” pleasure.

The latest addition to Heretic’s scent collection, Dirty Coconut is a 100% plant-based sensual masterpiece that melds warm vanilla, divine sandalwood and succulently creamy coconut to create a heavenly exotic aphrodisiac that relaxes and evokes endless sensory pleasure. Dirty Mango is a lovely scent that marries ripe, dipping mango with the essence of the tropics – it will be available soon for purchase.

Explore your “dirty” gratification with Heretic Parfum –