There is a perfume for every season and mood, Summer is synonymous with delicious citrus, fruity and floral scents. Our favorite perfumery, Heretic Parfum has an array of scents that are perfect for your naughty summer flings. Two of the scents that top the list is Dirty Lemon and Dirty Mango, they are simply magnificent and embodies gorgeous transformative notes that will literally give the wearer a sensory orgasm.

Dirty Lemon brings something new and a bit naughty to lemons’ squeaky clean image, this scent aims to lift the spirits and excite the mind. A dazzling perfume of zesty highs, wicked lows, and an effervescent finale, Dirty Lemon sets the stage for the wonderful blend of archetypes in us all.

Dirty Mango is undoubtedly a wow scent that delivers a massive metamorphosis via different notes within seconds of it drenching your skin with its exquisite bouquet of absolutes. A wildly explicit fragrance of fleshy ripe mango, sun-kissed skin, and creamy woods. Dirty Mango is inspired by sultry tropical nights dancing to soca, sensual rendezvous’ under wet jungle vines and the unforgettable scent of a thick dripping mango picked fresh from the tree. Heretic Parfum Dirty Lemon, $65-$295, Heretic Parfum Dirty Mango, $65-$295 –