Inspired by its namesake, the Haoma plant, this luxury skincare brand embodies the essence of nature. The magical Haoma plant bestows essential vital qualities such as health, fertility and spiritual immortality. Crafted by a team of herbalists and chemists, the HAOMA Skincare Series focuses on specific plant and mineral groups that have been clinically proven to combat the effects of aging.

The brand’s latest launch is Earthy Delights, a comprehensive collection of skincare for the entire body. The collection includes Earth Soap, Earth Mask, Earth Scrub, Earth Deodorant and a chic tote bag.

Create a spa day with Earthy Delights: Earth Mask’s blend of fertile earth magic lifts out impurities, minimizes breakouts and tightens pores for a toned, refreshed look. The Earth Scrub is a unique blend of French Green Clay and nutrient-dense Chlorella that creates the perfect balance of detoxification and nourishment. Perfect for removing the remnants of the mask and scrub, the Earth Soap features gentle exfoliation and anti-microbial germ components to purify the skin.

For those hot summer day, the Earth Deodorant is an all-natural plant-based deodorant that truly works to absorb moisture and neutralize odor, while offering a soothing blend of botanicals. It has a lovely fresh, woodsy scent that evokes the perfume of a pristine forest. HAOMA Earthy Delights Set, $110 –