The art of creating gorgeous gifts that impress and delight the recipient is centuries old. However, truly mastering the three steps that places a gift on another plateau is an arduous feat – its all about: Luxurious presentation, impression of the contents of box and a magnificent response that exudes bliss. Peachbox co., (a latina-owned company in Boston, Massachusetts), is the queen of gifting that has conquered the art.

The company’s love for urban luxury products and obsession for effortless gifting are the core principles of the brand. Each gift box is perfectly hand-wrapped with stunning biodegradable packaging and feature products that are ethically manufactured as well as practical, elegant and timeless.

La Critique

For the Luxe Buzz, the Peachbox Co. sent two of it’s beautiful gift boxes: The New Old Fashioned, (a classy box of treasures that is perfect for glamming up any home bar), and Blush, (a sweet and chic gift for all of the little moments of big love). These boxes are exquisitely curated and feature stunning packaging, must-have accoutrements, gourmet delights and heavenly bath and body products.

From the moment these gift boxes are unboxed, an immediate “wind” of opulence and prestige fills the room as well as fantastic glee from the receiver. The Soirée Team was immensely impressed with the boundless attention to detail bestowed on these boxes as well as the stupendous collection of high-end goods housed in each box of happiness. Discover the wonders of gifting with Peachbox Co. –