There are tons of products on the skincare market, but finding ones that feature the purest ingredients with organically-certified formulations are true anomalies. Terres d’Afrique is a luxury skincare brand that sources its ingredients from the “soul”of Africa.

The company ensures benefit sharing with harvesters as well as a commitment to preserving the bio-diversity of the eco-system. Terres d’Afrique’s two gems are the Antioxidant Toner with Rooibos and Facial Glow with Marula, Manketti & Kalahari Melon.

These amazing products offer a plethora of benefits for the skin such as restoration of the skin’s dermatitis, reduction of sunspots and free radicals. Terres d’Afrique Antioxidant Toner with Rooibos, $45, Terres d’Afrique Facial Glow with Marula, Manketti & Kalahari Melon, $120 –