Gorgeous skin comes down to two crucial factors, a clean wholesome diet and brilliant skincare. Staying true to the latter is NOWATER, an emerging high-performance indie brand that focuses on creating skincare products with highly beneficial ingredients.

For this year’s Spring Gift Bar, NOWATER sent us a beautiful curation of some of its must-have products. This lovely collection includes the Return Collagen Cream, Cica Pore Cleansing Foam, Prestige73 Tea Tree Mask, Tea Tree Day-Day Tone Up Skin Cushion and Prestige Collagen Eye Cream.

This brand is packed with essential ingredients for improving the skin – unlike other brands, it features lower amounts of purified water. The collection’s main ingredient is collagen – a triple care approach that aims to improve elasticity, density and bolster the skin’s natural barrier. For the perfect skincare routine start with the Cica Pore Cleansing Foam and follow with the puddling-like Return Collagen Cream for 360 hydration. Continue with Prestige Collagen Eye Cream with ultra-moisturizing collagen for firmer and fresher skin around the eyes.

Known for its healing and soothing effects on the skin, Tea Tree extract is a must-have for beautiful skin. NOWATER Prestige73 Tea Tree Mask is a super intensive peel-off mask that allows skin to bloom from the inside out. To compliment your stunning skin, the Tea Tree Day-Day Tone Up Skin Cushion is an all-in-one gem. It protects the skin with eight types of hyaluronic acid and lowers the skin’s temperature with an immediate cooling effect by enhancing moisture cohesiveness. In addition to being an excellent cover-up for blemishes as well as reduces redness, sebum and oiliness.

NOWATER Return Collagen Cream, $32, NOWATER Cica Pore Cleansing Foam, $15, NOWATER Prestige73 Tea Tree Mask, $28, NOWATER Tea Tree Day-Day Tone Up Skin Cushion, $28, NOWATER Prestige Collagen Eye Cream, $18. Discover the magic of NOWATER at www.nowaterusa.com