Inspired by the pursuit of nature’s beauty, Sweet Lavender Morning is an organic skincare brand that offers luxurious bath and body products that are simply heavenly. Sweet Lavender Morning’s delectable collection is exquisite in terms of its fragrance and superb hydration. This summer make your skin “shine” with Sweet Lavender Morning.

Awash your skin with the refreshing scent of succulent Clementine and Mint – this is one of many wonderful scents from Sweet Lavender Morning and it’s truly intoxicating. For floral enthusiasts there’s heavenly peony, seaside blossoms, wild poppy and peaches. Indulge in sugar scrubs, Dead Sea Salt scrubs, and divine body butters.

The Sweet Lavender Morning collection is the perfect way to keep your skin dewy and hydrated in summer or winter. Sweet Lavender Morning Clementine and Mint Body Butter, $16, Sweet Lavender Morning Lemon and Lavender Sugar Scrub, $16, Sweet Lavender Morning Peony Dead Sea Salt Scrub, $16 –