It’s refreshing to discover a subscription box that offers a wonderful collection of lovely products. The 180 Degree Lifestyle box is a wonderful “treasure trove” of useful and luxe products – its comparable to opening a massive Christmas & birthday gift – truly elating.

This fantastic box houses gorgeous goods such as bonbon facial polish, love flutter body butter, self-warming steam mask, the Cala face cleansing kit and Almost Famous hair straightener – an eclectic and unique curation.

The impetus for the creation of the 180 Degree Lifestyle box was Arlene’s, (Founder) desire to start a new self-care, health and wellness lifestyle journey as well as makeover. Her passion and aspiration ushered the birth of the 180 Degree Lifestyle box.

Bestow your loved one with the thrill of the 180 Degree Lifestyle box, $44.99 per month –