Summer is for indulging in cool waters, whether it’s the pristine ocean or a sparkling pool. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of being a “water baby” is hair damage from sea water and chlorine as well as dry skin. TriSwim is a brilliant collection for the hair and body that’s specifically created to combat the adverse effects of sea water and chlorine – its your perfect “companion” for summertime water play.

Triswim’s ingredients neutralizes and removes chlorine, bromine, salt water and chemical odor from your skin and hair. Triswim detoxifies, hydrates and nourishes the skin and hair with ingredients such as organic aloe vera, vitamins A/E and pro-vitamin B5.

The Triswim Collection includes a refreshing lemon, lime shampoo, pineapple, citrus conditioner, grapefruit, yuzu body wash, and a rich grapefruit, citrus body lotion. For avid swimmers and divers, there’s Skin Slick anti-chafe spray, it allows smooth wearing of tech suits & swim skins. Skin Slick can also be used to prevent shoe blistering, inner thigh, under arm, and bra strap chafing. Triswim Collection, $13.75-$90.00, Skin Slick, $10.99 –