Synonymous with good health and endless benefits for the skin, Honey is as old as written history, its discovery dates back to circa 2100 B.C. The Savannah Bee Company, (a US-based organic specialty honey purveyor), was born from Ted Dennard’s, (Founder), passion for bees and of course, honey. Ted’s journey into the magical world of bees and honey was sparked by an elderly beekeeper, Roy Hightower and the rest is as they say is: History.

Savannah Bee Company’s delightful collection is truly lovely. For this year’s Valentine’s Bliss List, the company curated a delicious box of some of its treasures such as whipped honey with chocolate, hot honey, its signature Tupelo honey, box of honey gift set and honey hot sauce.

Savannah Bee Company Box Of Honey, $49, Savannah Bee Company Whipped Honey With Chocolate, $18, Savannah Bee Hot Honey, $18, Savannah Bee Company Honey Hot Sauce, $15, Savannah Bee Company Raw Honey Comb, $29 –