As travel requirements have become increasingly tight, a compact skincare travel kit is invaluable. With this in mind, Nulastin’s premium limited-edition vegan leather travel kit features a lovely selection of Nulastin essentials – its size is perfect for your travels to far flung destinations. This beautiful pouch features impressive metallic foil accents, luxe gold hardware and a convenient see-through window.

Say goodbye to faux lashes and don your own, Nulastin’s hardworking brow and lash dual system is ultra-restorative and efficacious. These groundbreaking serums help reduce shedding and hair loss, while, supporting the body’s ability to anchor lash and brow follicles to the root system. Its also rejuvenates elastin and delivers stronger, thicker as well as longer lashes and shapely thicker looking brows. Nulastin Luxe Travel Kit, $99, Nulastin Lash & Brow Dual System, $139 – get your travel and lash game on at