Candles are an essential way to create the perfect ambience as well as mood. Throughout history candles have been used in every aspect of life – from religious/spiritual rituals and romantic interludes to lighting at night prior to the invention of electricity. Today, candles are ubiquitous, but, creating your own unique candle is a fabulous way to pastime and forge memories.

Reisfields NYC has a lovely candle kit that contains everything needed to make a personalized luxury candle. For the Summer Bliss List, Reisfields NYC sent the Yuzu 8 kit that features a grounding blend that’s inspired by morning relaxation rituals. Top notes are Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils. Highlighted with Yuzu Blossoms, pears and foundation notes of Sacred Hinoki and Apricot Wood.

This must-try kit was put together as a cool way to create opportunities for all of us to have some fun with our loved ones, while doing something new. Reisfields NYC DIY Candle Making Kit, $40 –