The old Caribbean saying: “The friend from the red hills,” refers to a woman’s dreadful monthly menstruation. For some 40 years a woman will suffer with the pain and social situations of her unpleasant period – from mind blowing pain to embarrassing accidents on her clothing.

Over the centuries, the methods of preventing unsightly clothing accidents have ranged from the use of rudimentary layers of cloth, grass, rabbit fur, menstruation cups, sanitary pads and tampons. Recently, the launch of LastObject’s LastPad has turned the red hills experience into a blissful experience, of course with painkillers in tow.

LastPad is truly a game changer.

The Founder of LastObject, Isabel Aagaard aims to reduce the environmental impact of the feminine hygiene products and provide more affordable, comfortable and healthy alternative for women. LastPad comes in three sizes, (from pantyliners to overnight pads), and is made with three layers for maximum protection and comfort, including an inner layer made of bamboo, which is 40% more absorbent than cotton.

Each pad is made to last 240 uses and comes with a water-proof, smell-free carrying pouch. To clean just toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Say goodbye to unpleasant accidents with LastPad, $18-$21 –