Beautiful kitchen accessories and efficacious cleaning products go hand-in-glove, L’AVANT Collective has married high-end cleaning goods with gorgeous home goods. Born out of the constant demand for cleaning up after their children kids and pets, Founders, Lindsay Droz and Kristi Lord have created a lovely collection of must-have products that are non-toxic and highly effective.

The collection will take your kitchen to a new level of sophistication – this stunning collection includes the Modern Essentials Starter Bundle, EMC x L’AVANT Candle, Natural Wood Dish Scrubber Brush and Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes. Not only, is this brand visually impressive, it really cleans like a dream and imparts heavenly waffling scent in your abode.

L’AVANT Collective Modern Essentials Starter Bundle, $80, L’AVANT Collective x EMC Candle, $40, L’AVANT Collective Natural Wood Dish Scrubber Brusher, $10, L’AVANT Collective Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes, $28. Discover L’AVANT Collective at