The centuries old idea that one should forsake their needs and be selfless towards others is completely incorrect. In order to take care of others, we must make ourselves mentally and physically healthy – this theory is essential to enable us to fulfill our life journey. A healthy and relaxed mind is the foundation for the continuity of life.

The best way to achieve a fruitful life is through the elements of self-care and pampering. The Bee Relaxed box is a beautiful, eclectic luxe self-care lifestyle box that houses a unique and gorgeous array of essential products for your body, soul and abode.

Through the box’s three Cs platform,(Care, Cozy, and Connection), it will help guide the receivers to be happier and a more relaxed version of themselves. Founded by Gwendolyn and Sarah, two fitness professionals who have spent their careers helping people on their path toward wellness, the Bee Relaxed box is stunningly presented and features truly exquisite artisan goods. It’s a breath-of-fresh-air in the “sea” of subscription boxes.

The products that are featured in this lovely box are organic, ethically and sustainably sourced, in addition to being environmentally-friendly. The Soirée Team was immensely impressed with the gorgeous collection of beautifully innovative products in the Bee Relaxed box.

One of the brilliantly ingenious products of the Bee Relaxed box is the growing candle, it’s a delightful conventional candle that marries itself with nature – when the candlelight has been spent, it will bloom with stunning flora. The box also features a cutting-edge ceramic tumbler, fragrant bath salts, a lovely trinket tray accented with gold foil, a charming golden bumble bee brooch and springtime watercolors greeting cards.

The Bee Relaxed Spring Box embraces the beauty of flora and encourages guiltless indulgence. Every box includes elements of light, textile, pamper, nature, luxury and well-bee-ing. Bee Relaxed box, $89 per quarter –