The hair extension market is a vast “sea” that has a beautiful spiritual element. The tantalizing question amongst hair extension aficionados is where does their hair come from? Well, the answer is somewhat of a double-edge sword, all the gorgeous tresses come from India and some have a celestial link such as the annual tonsuring ritual in southern India.

The practice of tonsuring is centuries old and is associated with an ancient Hindu myth about the god, Vishu. It’s believed that sacrificing one’s locks will bestow good fortune and remove supernatural energy. Millions of devotees travel hundreds of miles each year to two temples in southern India with aspirations of acquiring a miracle from Vishu, in exchange for their flawless tresses.

This precious and immensely valuable treasure trove of hair is sold around the world for a small fortune – temple hair is the new “gold” in the world of consumer goods.

At the top of this “golden throne” is Glam Seamless, a New York-based premium quality hair extension brand that provides high-quality hair for women who expect the best extensions. A favorite of celebrity hair extension stylists like Chris Appleton, Priscilla Valles, and David Lopez, Glam Seamless is a pioneer in the industry of high-end luxury hair extensions.

As one of the top hair extension brands, Glam Seamless extension collection is made with double drawn, 100% high-quality Remy human hair that lasts up to a year. Glam Seamless offers the thickest hair, shed-proof technology and damage-free extensions for stellar transformations.

Always the front-runner in its industry, Glam Seamless has grown its educational platform and partnership programs for Glam Seamless salons and stylists worldwide. In 2018, it founded Glam Girls, a non-profit mentorship program that provides high school girls in low-income areas with scholarships and a roadmap to success to help them discover their their inner and external beauty.

With such amazing endeavors and absolutely stunning hair extensions, Glam Seamless is a go-to and favorite of mine – I love its business acumen and beautiful tresses.

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