The two words that aptly describes Isa Lazo are: Luxurious and impeccable. The brand is a collection brought to life by Founders, Heather and Isabel, (a dynamic mother and daughter team). Inspired by generational knowledge of the plethora of nature’s flora and their shared passion for mastering nature’s purest elements, the duo created the magnificent Isa Lazo collection.

Isa Lazo’s Founders, Heather and Isabel.

The brand believes in timeless, ageless and gender diverse beauty, so the founders created a skincare collection that embodies just that. With the careful extraction of nature’s gentle healing properties, Isa Lazo offers the promise of healthy beautiful skin.

This bespoke collection includes two impressive stars, the opulently rich body scrub and facial toner. Blended with tea tree oil and cranberry seed, the body scrub imparts an air of strength, confidence and beauty with every application.

Featuring 100 active components and anti-microbial properties, this rejuvenating treatment defines miraculous development and improvement in skin texture, resilience and appearance. The refreshing facial toner is a gentle composition of rose water, witch hazel, and a complex blend of botanical extracts, which employs a refined and protective cleansing approach.

Indulge your skin with the heavenly refinement of Isa Lazo. Isa Lazo Body Scrub, $96, Isa Lazo Facial Toner, $78 –