From the dawn of time, the humble and miraculous aloe plant has been used in medicinal and rudimentary beauty potions. Aloe Unique, a natural skincare brand from South Africa has created a sophisticated and highly beneficial line that embodies the boundless benefits of the Aloe Ferox plant.

The collection is made from both the clear and bitter gels of the indigenous Aloe Ferox plant – a rich source of  Vitamins A, B, C & D. Aloe Ferox grows wild and is harvested by hand using ancient methods –  this provides sustainable jobs for members of the local community.

The collection includes firm ampoules, an anti-aging serum that regenerates the collagen and elastin that gives skin its firmness. It’s Antarcticine marine ingredient stimulates dermal proteins to strengthen skin, hence reducing sagging and wrinkle depth. This a liquid silk in a beautiful bronze capsule – a truly heavenly and delightful experience.

For a clear, silky complexion, Aloe Unique’s Aloe Gel is a clear, rich gel that easily absorbs deeply into the skin to nourish and hydrate the epidermis. With a concentration of 99% pure Aloe Ferox gel plus moisture-grabbing glycerine and anti-irritant Allantoin, the Aloe Ferox-based formula transforms the look and feel of the skin. Aloe Unique Firm Ampoules, $30, Aloe Unique Aloe Gel, $18 –