The art of perfume is an ancient and complex craft. Exquisite scent can unlock a multitude of emotions and usher in intense allure. VOID Fragrances, a New York-based purveyor of luxurious artisan perfume oils, has mastered the art of creating absolutes with rich and “kaleidoscopic” notes. Incorporating core tenets of slow perfumery with an ultra-modern and sophisticated applicator design, VOID’s fragrances are crafted to transcend the devotee to an ethereal sensory awakening.

VOID’s scents are inspired by the rich tapestry of essences in the souqs of Dubai and the masters of perfumery in Asia and the Middle East. Each scent in VOID’s collection de trois is created with meticulous attention to detail and in small batches to ensure an exclusive level of prestige. The collection de trois includes Muse, Rod Heart and Modus – each scent is unique and furnishes a euphoric and opulent sensory experience.

The collection de trois is reminiscent of the gorgeous perfume oils found in the Middle East, especially Muse. It’s a spectacularly intricate and sensual scent that features top notes of raspberry, violet that are subtly eclipsed by the alluring essences of heliotrope, amber and watermelon. The secondary notes are soon met by a rapturous and seductive blend of patchouli and musk – this is truly a climatic symphony of intense aromatic gratification.

Perfect for Valentine’s, Rod Heart is a gorgeous blend of orange, bergamot, orange blossom that sweetly “serenades” a pristine bouquet of decadent jasmine, luscious Bulgarian rose and delectable peach. An alluring amalgam of sandalwood, amber and fragrant vanilla gradually envelops the intriguing layers, thus, creating a heavenly and intoxicating scent.

Featuring notes of the most coveted spice in the world, Saffron, Modus is an intense fusion of fine leathery notes and olibanum that are delicately sheathed by a subtle, yet, sonorous blend of exquisite jasmine, raspberry and amber wood. This is an irresistible and dynamic scent that exudes confidence.

This exquisite collection is multifaceted and profoundly intricate, a true window onto the world of perfumery. VOID Fragrances, The Illuminate Collection, $64 –