True innate talent to create breathtaking and realistic impressions of the physical world on canvas is only possible via divinity. Like the masters of painting before her, Erica Biggs is a painter with extraordinary talent and boundless imagination.

The creations from her brush are simply awe-inspiring. The collection is perfect for momentous milestones such as once-in-a-lifetime weddings, anniversaries and accomplishment celebrations, there is no finer gift than one made from the heart and with love.

Her stunning works-of-art include gorgeous coastal-inspired masterpieces such as beach house paintings and unique keepsake oyster shells enhanced with miniature scenes of marine life and soaring birds that bestow the pristine skies with the splendor of their angelic-like wings. Erica Biggs Art Oyster Collection, $35, Erica Biggs Art Coastal & Beach House Paintings, price available upon request –