The only libation other than Champagne that is worthy of bring consumed on momentous occasions such as New Year’s Eve, weddings, births, business acquisitions and auspicious social affairs is Prosecco. For New Year’s Day 2021, the Soirée Team discovered a delectable delight that is truly stupendous – Lot 738 Prosecco.

The history of Prosecco

Ubiquitous in Italy, especially as an aperitivo, (an alcoholic beverage that is served before a meal), Prosecco is a refreshing sparkling wine that easily pairs with any type of cuisine. This delightful Italian elixir’s origins harps back to centuries ago in Northeastern Italy. The fertile Northeastern region has produced wine for millennia and is currently the heartbeat of Italy’s wine production.

Lot 738 comes from the beautiful hillside vineyards of Valdobbiadene, a small grape growing region in northeastern Italy that produces the finest Prosecco grapes in the world. As a result of its unique microclimate and some extraordinary talented growers this area is an anomaly. Lot 738 is a brut-style Prosecco that is an award-winning sparkling wine at the top of its class. In a crystal flute, this beauty is a beautiful pale straw hue with very active tiny bubbles and a nose, (the essence of a wine), of green apple, pear and fresh peeled lemon rinds.

Lot 738 is truly exquisite and a pleasant wine drinking experience. It has a magical allure that will effortlessly seduce an aficionado to indulge in its endless golden bubbles of utopia. Lot 738 Prosecco, $15 –