As the old adage goes, nature is our best source for medicine, this ideology was embraced by Well Told Health’s Founder, Monica Ruffo. Due to a diagnosis of breast cancer, Monica embarked on an extensive reconnaissance mission in order to find natural health options on the market.

However, she discovered that most “natural health” products are not natural at all; they are riddled with synthetics, fillers and isolates. So instead of aiding in one’s recovery, they actually cause further damage to the body. With this newly found knowledge, she set out to create a line of authentically natural products that are brilliant for the body, both inside and out – Well Told Health was born.

Well Told Health is truly a bountiful array of organic goodness from “nature’s pharmacy.” Boasting over 20 natural medicinal powerhouses that range from ubiquitous vegetables and spices such as spinach, turmeric, cacao, and cloves to obscure medicinals like Lion’s Mane and Broken Cell Chlorella. The line is a breath of fresh natural air and its formulas are massive game changes in terms of being unapologetically authentic and delivering real results.

The gorgeous green hue of the highly beneficial Broken Cell Chlorella.

This stellar collection of superb medicinals is a favorite of Soirée’s Publisher and a must-have for anyone that desires the endless benefits of natural medicinals. The collection has numerous “stars,” however, the three products that won the heart of our Publisher are Bye Bye Bloating, Beauty Sleep and Age Defier. This trio is simply phenomenal, especially the Bye Bye Bloating, without a doubt this little gem delivers exceptional results. SM

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