The Caribbean is known globally for its mouthwatering spicy cuisine and spectacular beauty. The key component in Caribbean food is pepper – from Jamaica to Barbados, the ubiquitous, flavorful Scotch Bonnet Pepper is the “queen” of the vast array of spices in the region. Inspired by her Jamaican lineage and love of fine food, Chef Samantha Davis-Allonce created the highly successful brand, Hot N Saucy – a vegetable-based collection of delectable hot sauces.

The delicious Hot N Saucy collection.

Hot N Saucy is a unique hot sauce brand with a cutting-edge twist that infuses some of nature’s most delicious vegetables with the heat of peppers such as habanero, ghost, fresno, West African Peri Peri and chipotle. The collection features six amazing sauces such as Carrot N Chipotle, Collards N Ghost, Beet N Fresno, Garlic N Pepperoni, Sweet Potato N Habanero and Black Garlic N Peri Peri.

Whether you are a pepper aficionado or enjoy a bit of spice every once-in-a-while, Hot N Saucy has the perfect level of heat for your discerning palate.

Le Critique

This lovely hot sauce brand is beautifully made, from its packaging to the massive kick-of-heat of the well-round Collards N Ghost sauce, Hot N Saucy delivers a treasure trove of flavor that is amplified with each bottle. The brand is not your average pepper sauce, it’s a refined gourmet collection that compliments every type of cuisine – from jerk chicken, ackee & salt fish to shrimp burgers and grilled lobster, it’s a brilliant match.

The Soirée Team truly loves the flavor and heat buildability of the collection, and we highly endorse this unique and innovative collection. Hot N Saucy Heat Your Veggies Trio of Sauces, $30 –