As an aficionado of history, I simply love authentic artisan confections that are beautifully made from nature’s finest components. Taking a page out of history and religion, the Bible  does mention the creation of lotions made from spices and olive oil. Circa 200 BC, Roman physician Galen was the first to create a cold cream moisturizer using rose oil, melted beeswax and water. He referred to his invention as cold cream because of its cooling effects on the skin.

A Roman Pyxis glass jar, circa 1st Century A.D. Photo: Stock Image

Ancient Egyptians also developed a collection of rudimentary body care, the refinement of creams and lotions commenced in ernest in the 18th and 19th centuries. By the late 20th century, the creation of beauty and skincare potions evolved into a sophisticated mass produced industry that was heavily marketed to the masses.

The present day beauty industry is an endless ‘sea’ of mass produced synthetic products that are made with toxic ingredients that are immensely harmful for us. One of the brands that created an organic bath and body collection that’s truly exquisite is Sweet Lavender Morning.

One of the latest must-have body butters from Sweet Lavender Morning, heavenly Rose Body Butter.

Since discovering this ‘gem,’ Sweet Lavender Morning is my go-to bath and body brand. The collection is made from pure wholesome ingredients that are simply brilliant for you, inside and out. With Sweet Lavender Morning, there will not be unsettling thought about what’s in its formula.

Spectacular Peonies Body Scrub.

Sweet Lavender Morning is created with the mantra of using nature’s most exquisite flora to develop gorgeous fragrant products that delivers superb hydration to the skin. Sweet Lavender Morning literally envelopes your skin in a ‘cocoon’ of organic goodness and blissful scent. SM

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