Inspired by the majestic beauty of Hawaii, Nani Pua Ethnobotanical Oil Serum is a heavenly luxurious elixir for the skin. From its first “kiss” on the skin, this truly exquisitely crafted serum envelopes it with a spectacular sensory experience that is matched by a silk-like massage. It’s undoubtedly love-at-first touch – the epidermis is wrapped in a layer of featherweight rare botanical oils.

Featuring 15 exclusive organic botanical oils such as Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Elderberry Phytocide, Guava Seed, Frankincense, Full Flower Hemp and Vanilla infused Jojoba Oil, Nani Pua Ethnobotanical Oil serum is a unique skincare essential from the inimitable trove of Mother Nature.

Created to induce insurmountable harmony of the senses as well as an instant calming of the skin, the serum also provides an invaluable nourishing balance that is vital for healthy skin.

True to its name, Nani Pua, (in Hawaiian, the words Nani Pua means beautiful flower, therefore, Nani Pua is a brilliant name for such a powerhouse skin serum), is a beautiful flower that bestows magical benefits to the skin such as anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory effects, protection against the harmful rays of the sun and deep moisturizing. It’s also the key to unlocking hidden radiance and a flawless complexion.

Le Critique

The Nani Pua brand is the epitome of luxury – from its gorgeous gold foil accented packaging to the serum’s iridescent crystal bottle, the brand is the pinnacle of refinement. The Soirée Team is so impressed with this amazing serum that we only have two words to aptly describe Nani Pua: Absolutely celestial.

There’s a plethora of skincare serums on the market, but, Nani Pua is without a doubt the queen of “her” industry. Nani Pua is an impressive brand that offers brilliant hydration and superb performance, it’s a must-have for every woman that loves the finer things in life.

From its extraordinary luxurious feel to the magnificently “inebriating” scent of the serum as well as the truly innovative texture and transformative properties – Nani Pua is simply spectacular! Nani Pua Ethnobotanical Serum, $111.