Inspired by art and movement as well as the innocence of youth, this stunning styled shoot by Terrie Nelson captures the gorgeous vistas of freeform movement and elegance. Both the camera and brush simultaneously captures the ebbs and flow of the stunning surroundings, a true transcendence of time and space. The beauty of the moment is forever frozen in time both via the method of yesteryear and modernity.

The gracious flow of the model’s gown perfectly compliments the architectural harmony and terracotta hues of the Tuscan-inspired villa Bella Collina in Monteverde, Florida. It’s the perfect setting to create old-world art and unforgettable moments in time. SM

The Details

Shoot Creator: Terrie Nelson

Venue: @bellacollinaweddings

Painter: @alexandriasalmieriart

Model: @shaina_j_ibanez

Accoutrement: @terrieimagesshop