Gorgeous locks is the apex of a woman’s beauty – if your makeup, attire and gems are outrageously stunning, but, your hair is shabby, well let’s just say it’s a wrap. Hands down, the crowning glory of your face and being is long, healthy, beautiful tresses. Well with that said, I just discovered a sumptuously luxurious and clean haircare brand called Eufora – its heaven in a bottle.

Clean Beauty is about more than just ingredients. It’s about minimizing one’s footprint on the earth and forging a path that leads to good global karma. Without a doubt, Eufora has embraced this philosophy and created a fabulous collection of refined must-haves for all types of tresses.

For my birthday collection this year, the brand sent over a lovely and unique wooden gift box featuring its signature Beutifying Elixirs collection and rich Nourish Urgent Repair Hand Cream. Explore Eufora’s beautiful collection at www.eufora.net