For my birthday collection this year, one of my favorite brands had to be on my 2021 list – enter the gorgeously scented collection from Sweet Lavender Morning. Sweet Lavender Morning curated an exquisite collection of its latest must-have products just for me.

Inspired by nature’s spectacular beauty, Sweet Lavender Morning is an organic skincare luxury brand that creates small-batch bath and body products. Sweet Lavender Morning’s delectable collections are exquisite in terms of their fragrance, ingredients and boundless hydration.

This collection of scrumptiously scented body scrubs and divine body creams feature the best organic ingredients from nature’s endless garden of delights. Always striving to create unique and authentic artisan products, Sweet Lavender Morning’s newest collection features charming names and ingredients such as Champere, (a champagne-infused body butter), Baby’s Breath, Lemon & Rosewater – truly an exquisitely collection.

Indulge in the gorgeous summer collection,