Sometimes great tragedy gives us profound introspection and boundless inspiration. This was the canvas on which Wayne Anthony was created. The impetus for the brand came from the Founder’s brother, Wayne Anthony untimely, tragic death and the birth of her son, who is his namesake. As with the cycle of life, there is always something beautiful that remains and emerges after great lost.

The foundation of Wayne Anthony is immensely heartfelt and the ultimate homage to an invaluable soul. The brand is also dedicated to celebrating life and everyday heroes.

This lovely collection includes an eclectic mix of chic, edgy fashion, personalized home goods and must-have beauty accessories. For Soirée’s Summer Bliss List, Wayne Anthony curated a unique edit of its collection that ranges from its beautiful lady cosmetic bag, gorgeous personalized ceramic coasters and motivational compact make up mirror – definitely stunning must-have accoutrements for summer and beyond.

Wayne Anthony Beautiful Lady Cosmetic Bag, $15.99, Wayne Anthony Peronalized Ceramic Coasters, $19.99, Wayne Anthony Motivational Compact Mirror, $15.99 –