Created by a saga that’s filled with love, passion and warfare, Pomare’s Stolen Perfume is an exquisite organic brand that pulls its inspiration from the beautiful islands of Tahiti and nature’s bountiful pethora of exotic flora. Named after the founder’s great-great-great grandmother, Pomare IV, the last Queen of Tahiti, Pomare’s Stolen Perfume harps back to the authentic art of perfume creation.

This is a brand that represents the profound history, courage and the fight by the Tahitian people against the French to retain their freedom. It’s also the story of a resilient and brave queen’s efforts to hold onto her country and liberty.

The name “Pomare’s Stolen Perfume” represents the French ‘stealing’ Tahiti and the surrounding islands, but, it also signifies the aspects of life that can never be stolen. This includes the rare flora of Raiatea that no matter how botanists try, they will not grow anywhere else. There are somethings in life that are infeasible to duplicate.

With such profound passion as its foundation, the Pomare’s Stolen Perfume collection is truly gorgeously natural and lends itself to enable the wearer to experience a brilliant and unique sensory enlightenment. It’s unapologetically organic with deep notes of nature’s infinite treasures.

The collection features four distinctive perfumes: Beulah, (a beautiful tapestry of gardenia, mitti attar, peaches and honeysuckle), Rasa, the perfumer’s apex scent, (the word Rasa means “the taste” in Sanskrit, but, it also involves a deeply connected place, energy that flows through us, quality of art and meditation on spiritual connectivity).

Venetian Flower, (this perfume blends 2018/2019 absolutes of Venetian flowers such as plumeria, gardenia, tuberose, pikake as well as madagascar jasmine, green guava fruit and foliage). The fourth ‘diamond’ in the collection is Piano Tuner, (a homage to the founder’s grandfather and the sweet notes of jazz). This perfume has main notes of Redwood cone/needles, vanilla bean from Raiatea, labdanum and a mystical smoky finish.

Pomare’s Stolen Perfume Beulah, $65-$210, Pomare’s Stolen Perfume Rasa, $85-$300, Pomare’s Stolen Perfume Venetian Flower, $65-$210, Pomare’s Stolen Perfume Piano Tuner, $65-$210 –